About Us

The Project was established in 1993 to address low levels of preparedness for school. It takes a holistic approach combining community development with delivering people-centred, family support services.

The Project runs an Early Years programme, a home visiting service and a range of personal development programmes and activities for adults. It also encourages parents to become involved in running the Project. The Project also shares the building with the Cuilrath Corner Nursery School which is run by the Education Service.

Since 1999 the Project has become one of the main players in the delivery of Children's Services in the Coleraine Area and in 2003 it became the lead body of the Coleraine Sure Start Partnership.

The Project is managed by a Board representing a range of stakeholders and is a company limited by guarantee.

Harpurs Hill Children and Family Centre Ltd is a non-profit making, charitable organisation reliant on funding to deliver its services to the community.

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